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Teaching Arrangements for Winter and Spring Terms 2021/22

(Updated: January 24, 2022. This page will be updated as needed based on the latest situation.)

As stated in the recent announcement on Work and Class Arrangements Starting from Monday 24 January 2022, the following teaching arrangements have been implemented:

With effect from 24 January 2022, Winter courses and examinations will all switch to online mode unless instructed otherwise by the course instructors.

During the Add-Drop period of the Spring term (i.e., 4 to 17 February 2022), the default mode of delivery for all classes will be real-time online. Lab classes and TPg programs may make their own arrangements. The University management is closely monitoring the development of the pandemic, and will further communicate to all members of the community, if there are changes to Spring term arrangements.

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(As of November 1, 2021. This page will be updated as needed based on the latest situation.)

As stated in the announcement on Winter / Spring Term Arrangements dated 21 October 2021 to all members of the community, it is the University’s intention to continue normal teaching and learning activities on campus in the Winter and Spring Terms 2021/22. The following points outline the intended academic arrangements:

  1. In general, the arrangement for the Winter and Spring Terms 2021/22 will be similar to the Fall Term, the targeted default mode of delivery for classes will be in-person on campus.
  2. All members of the University should therefore plan to be in Hong Kong well in time for the commencement of each term , as far as possible.
    1. If students are already in Hong Kong, please consider the travel plans carefully before leaving. Re-entry to Hong Kong may be difficult. If travel is inevitable, students should plan ahead with buffer time to ensure they can return to Hong Kong in time.
    2. If students are not in Hong Kong, please make adequate allowances for requirements such as accommodation for quarantine upon the arrival, and other exigencies. If the situation in a student’s region of residence does not allow him / her to travel to Hong Kong, please see points #4 and #5. 
    3. Please note that the Hong Kong government now imposes quarantine and COVID testing requirements based on the conditions in different countries/regions. The University is therefore not able to provide any quarantine support on campus.
  3. Some courses/sections would be offered in mixed-mode, blended, or real-time online mode. This will be decided on pedagogical grounds and classroom infrastructure, with inputs from instructors and Department/Division Heads, following the relevant approval process. The information will be posted in the course description prior to the course registration period. Also, some lab classes and TPg programs may make their own arrangements.
  4. The University understands that some students may face restrictions that prevent them from traveling to Hong Kong. The respective office will reach out to those UG students who have been approved with the Not In Hong Kong (NIHK) status for the Fall Term to apply for renewal of the NIHK status for the Spring term if necessary. The related applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the respective Schools/IPO. Any class with an approved NIHK student will be held in mixed-mode or mixed-mode lite.
  5. Proctored examinations, for courses which need them, will be held on campus. Alternative arrangements will be made for students who cannot be in Hong Kong. As before, instructors are encouraged to consider alternatives to proctored examinations.
  6. If students are eligible for on-campus accommodation in the Winter and Spring, they need to observe the latest student housing arrangements, including the Hong Kong government's regulations and guidelines and the University requirements applicable at the time. Hall residents entering Hong Kong should ensure that they have completed the required compulsory quarantine and/or present relevant documents to declare their health status when checking into their assigned hall.
  7. Safety is paramount. Any plan will need to follow the Hong Kong government’s regulations and guidelines in force at the time, as well as any measures reasonably necessary to protect the University community. Based on past experience, we all know that the situation can change in a short period of time. As always, opportunities for on-campus interactions will depend on the situation. In case of change of Hong Kong government’s guidelines, or if the circumstances require, the University will take appropriate acts accordingly.

More detailed information on academic arrangements is available on the FAQ page.


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