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Teaching Arrangements for Summer Term 2019/20 and Fall Term 2020/21

(Updated: July 21, 2020. This page will be updated as needed based on the latest situation.)

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The University has been actively planning strategies to start our Summer Term 2019/20 and Fall Term 2020/21. Since the previous updates issued on July 14, 2020, Hong Kong has been hard hit by another wave of COVID-19. There has been a sudden surge in locally infected cases in recent days, posing high risk of large-scale community outbreak. It is unclear if the number of cases will subside in a short period of time. Moreover, even if this surge does subside, there is a high risk of recurring waves of pandemic in the middle of the Fall term, with unpredictable effects on social distancing and class arrangements. In light of the HKSAR Government’s advice and guidelines, the University has decided to proactively implement its contingency plans for the teaching arrangements in both Summer Term and Fall Term 2020/21.

Summer Term 2019/20 (June 22 – August 15, 2020)
The announcement on May 29, 2020 indicated that all courses in the Summer Term will continue to be conducted using live online mode. However, some laboratory courses will be conducted on campus with reduced class sizes. With approval from the relevant School, PG courses will be conducted either in live online mode or mixed mode (that simultaneously supports both face-to-face (f2f) classroom delivery for students on-campus and live interactive online delivery for students off-campus).

Due to the recent escalation in COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong, all f2f teaching in Summer Term would be suspended for at least 2 weeks with effect from July 20, 2020. Whilst nearly all teaching activity is already on-line, there are some activities which were planned face to face, e.g. MBA courses and UG makeup laboratory sessions, that will now be suspended. Please check with your program offices for the latest arrangement.  

Fall Term 2020/21(September 7 – December 22, 2020)
For the entire Fall Term 2020/21, the University will adopt real-time interactive online mode (e.g. using Zoom) for all classes (UG, TPG, and RPG). Online proctored exams/alternative assessments will be arranged for all students wherever appropriate. As for lab classes, Schools/Departments are working out alternative arrangements and will announce them soon. Schools/Departments will also work individually with students who have to meet graduation requirements (e.g. Final Year Project) to help them progress as much as possible whether they are in Hong Kong or not. As the University will provide support for students to study remotely, non-local students (new or existing) are not required to be physically present in Hong Kong for the entire Fall Term to complete the coursework and examination requirements. Similarly, students (local and non-local) who are already in Hong Kong will not be required to come to HKUST campus if they do not feel comfortable doing so.

It is understood that some students who are already physically in Hong Kong may have a preference for f2f elements in their learning. While classes will be conducted in real-time interactive on-line mode, as the term progresses and if the situation improves and allows, f2f office hours, Q&A meetings, and other avenues for f2f or online interactions with faculty and teaching staff will be provided. These potential arrangements will not disadvantage students who are physically outside Hong Kong or feel uncomfortable in coming to campus.

More detailed information is available on FAQ page.

The University recognizes that this latest adjustment to Fall 2020/21 teaching arrangements may cause disruption to some of students’ plans. Balancing all the risk factors, this plan is made in the best interest of students as the safety of our community is the top priority. The pandemic is a huge challenge, and the University would like to thank all of the students for the incredible flexibility, perseverance, and care for others that everyone has shown as a member of the HKUST community.

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Teaching Arrangements for Summer Term 2019/20 and Fall Term 2020/21
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