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Quarantine Arrangements

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Quarantine Arrangements in the 2020-21 Academic Year

Since students do not need to be physically present on campus to complete the class and examination requirements in the Fall/Winter/Spring terms, non-local students who are currently not in Hong Kong are advised not to make any travel plans coming to Hong Kong.

  • For those who have already booked the quarantine facilities, no matter where they come from, we will continue to support their quarantine, but they have to follow all the Government requirements.  Please find the latest requirements from this link. On the other hand, if they want to cancel the booking, they will be allowed and refund will be arranged.
  • If students who are assigned a hall place in 2020/21 still want to come to the campus, they need to contact the relevant office shown below and the University will try to provide quarantine support to them, according to the following priority:

    1. New RPG and UG
    2. Continuing UG
    3. Students from very high-risk places or any country outside China*, only after they have fulfilled all HK Government requirements, and if space is available
    4. Support will be first come first served, based on the priority of support mentioned above.
    5. If you live on campus, and anyone in your household is undergoing compulsory quarantine, you and others in the household should stay in the residence as far as possible, and the staff member should work from home until the quarantine period has expired. Staff members living off campus in the same situation are required to work from home.

*The "very high-risk" places specified by the Hong Kong Government are Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, Ecuador, Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. People coming from these countries or have visited these countries in the past 21 days have to provide a letter of certificate showing negative COVID-19 test result and a confirmation letter of room reservation in a hotel in Hong Kong for not less than 21 nights starting on the day of the arrival.

A traveler who has stayed in a specified place outside China (excluding very high-risk places specified otherwise) in the past 21 days must also provide confirmation of room reservation in a hotel in Hong Kong for not less than 21 nights starting on the day of the arrival in Hong Kong.

Specified conditions imposed on inbound travelers from or have visited these specified very high-risk places or any country outside China can be found at this link. Please note that based on multiple confirmations with Department of Health officials, quarantine at home (including staff quarters) is NOT an option for people returning from any places outside China.

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Starting from December 25, 2020 until further notice, all people arriving in Hong Kong from all locations other than Mainland, Macau and Taiwan need to undertake 21 days quarantine at one of the Designated Hotels approved by the Hong Kong Government. For details, please visit this webpage.


Entry Ban and Additional Quarantine on Returnees from the UK and South Africa

The Hong Kong Government has announced that all persons who stayed in the United Kingdom (UK), starting from December 24, and South Africa, starting from December 25, for more than 2 hours in the previous 21 days, including Hong Kong residents, are not allowed to board the plane to Hong Kong. People who have already arrived in Hong Kong from the UK and South Africa are required to undergo quarantine for 21 days. A compulsory testing is imposed by the Government to mandate all those returnees arriving on or after December 2 to undergo a compulsory COVID-19 testing on the 19th or 20th day. Furthermore, all such returnees have to undergo an additional seven-day compulsory home quarantine. See the announcement and this website for details.


The University’s quarantine support arrangements are as follow:

  1. All staff and students arriving in Hong Kong from all locations other than Mainland, Macau and Taiwan, must undertake 21 days quarantine at one of the hotels approved by the Government. They must book an inclusive room and food and beverage (F&B) rate and select a hotel from the Government’s approved list. The hotel list and detailed instructions can be found via the following link. All staff and students must have negative COVID-19 test results at key stages during the quarantine period before the whole process can be completed. These COVID-19 tests will be arranged by the Government.
  2. All staff and students arriving in Hong Kong from Mainland, Macau and Taiwan, must also undertake 14 days quarantine but this can be done at their home residence. Students with a University hostel place and new staff members with on-campus accommodation should undertake quarantine at Conference Lodge (CL) but NOT use their University hostel or staff quarter for quarantine.
  3. The cost of the quarantine must be paid for by staff and students in full. For new staff eligible for on-campus accommodation and for existing staff granted exceptional approval for business travel, the cost of quarantine excluding F&B will be reimbursable by the University.
  4. The University has agreed a discounted rate for quarantine in L’hotel Island South (LIS) and CL. In both cases the room rate is $470 per night. For LIS, staff and students must book an inclusive room and F&B plan and the additional cost of the F&B plan must be discussed with LIS staff at the time of booking. For CL, the reservation is room only and staff and students are able to order F&B items from an on-campus catering outlet, including the CL kitchen when open.
  5. All staff and students wanting to arrange quarantine at LIS should book with LIS directly via Ms Anissa Chan, Reservation Manager, contact telephone: +852 3968 8818; email address: LIS will verify with CSO regarding user's identity upon booking.
  6. All staff and students (who return from Mainland, Macau and Taiwan) wanting to arrange quarantine at CL should contact respective offices as previously communicated to confirm eligibility and complete online booking. If there is no availability in CL, then staff and students should make their own quarantine arrangements off-campus. If you have any questions about the quarantine and booking arrangement, please contact the relevant offices:


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New! Nora for Quarantine Virtual Companion

Nora is a self-help platform developed by ECE in the form of an emotionally intelligent virtual agent, designed to speak each day with a person undergoing a 14-day quarantine. For details, please see this youtube video or try it out at



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