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Campus Hygiene Measures

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Measures to Safeguard a Safe Campus

Everyone comes to campus should follow the general preventive measures in this section.

For other preventive measures specific to various areas, refer to the following links:








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General Measures Across the Campus

  • Starting from September 1, University members, campus residents, contractors and regular visitors will be required to show a Campus Access Pass (CAP) when entering campus and accessing campus facilities. Details can be found at
  • Everyone on campus must wear face masks, except when they are exercising or conducting heavy work outdoor, or when they are in their private work spaces or their residence
  • Hand sanitizer are provided at multiple locations
  • Antimicrobial coating is applied in frequently accessed areas, including school buses
  • Building ventilation system will continue to be operated in “anti-epidemic” mode to supply maximum amount of fresh air to indoor areas
  • University members and visitors are encouraged to check body temperature at the Remote Fever Self-checking Stations at UG/F of CYT or LSKBB lobby. Campus facilities, such as Library, sports facilities and student hostels, and Commercial outlets are equipped with non-contact infrared thermometers at their entrances. Those with a fever are not allowed to enter ​the controlled venues. 
  • LeaveHomeSafe QR codes are posted at entrances of venues, including commercial outlets on campus, members and visitors are encouraged to use the mobile app to record their visits.
  • Floor marks are added to catering and retail outlets as well as public and shuttle bus stations to remind people about keeping social distance.


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Gathering Restriction and Social Distancing

Refer to the Hong Kong Government's New Requirements to Reduce Gatherings webpage.

To be in line with Government’s anti-epidemic measures to impose a 4-person limit on public gatherings, no gatherings on campus with more than four people are permitted except for work, essential or otherwise approved activities, and family groups living in the same accommodation. 

A social distance of 1.5 meter should be maintained where possible.


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Use and Disposal of Face Masks

To be in line with Government’s anti-epidemic measures, all members in the public places (indoor and outdoor) at the campus must wear a face mask unless you are performing a strenuous physical activity, including sports activity, in public outdoor places. Restaurant diners are also required to wear a face mask except when eating or drinking. The requirement does not apply to persons who are under the age of two, persons who have lawful authority or reasonable excuse for not wearing a mask. For more details, please refer to the Government’s announcement on this topic.

People who use surgical masks are reminded to use and dispose of them properly according to Government advice (click here). The University has deployed multiple dedicated bins for the safe disposal of surgical masks.


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Campus Mask Supply Scheme 

In the past 18 months, about 1.2 million masks were distributed, and we have now used up the stock set aside to support our members in a time of need. Now that quality facemasks are readily available with a reasonable price, the University ended the free face mask supply to members from 6 August 2021, except for frontline and Band 1 & 2 staff. Boxes of face masks meeting international standard will continue to be on sale at the Souvenir Shop. The decision of ending free mask supply is made based on the principle of prudent use of public resources. All members should continue to wear masks, maintain personal and environmental hygiene, and keep adequate social distance as advised by the authority.


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Body Temperature Checking

In view of the easing epidemic situation and to alleviate congestion, temperature screening ceased at the North and South Gates of our campus as from March 1, 2021. Remote Fever Self-checking Stations are still be in service at UG/F of CYT Building and LSKBB lobby. 

Handheld thermometers are also in all student halls, Campus Medical Clinic, and during off-hours, available at Security Control Center at the Piazza and the Security Office at LSK Business Building.


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Use of LeaveHomeSafe Mobile App on Campus

The Government’s LeaveHomeSafe Mobile App has been launched to help people keep track of places they have visited. The app will alert the user if a person confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 also visited those places around the same time and ask the user to seek medical assistance and testing, if necessary. The details of the scheme can be found on this website

The University is supportive of this initiative and has posted the venue-specific QR codes at various locations on campus, including the library, lecture theaters and groups of classrooms, catering and retail outlets, staff quarters and student halls, and clinics. All staff, students and visitors are encouraged to record their visits to these locations by scanning the venue-specific QR codes with the LeaveHomeSafe Mobile App (link for download).

The LeaveHomeSafe is a completely voluntary scheme and is helpful for contact tracing. To protect privacy, no registration is required, and visit information of the user, which is generated by scanning location specific QR codes, is only stored on one’s own mobile device.


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Application of GERMAGIC Antimicrobial Coating

CMO has applied GERMAGIC antimicrobial coating periodically to the following campus areas to effectively kill bacteria, fungi, coronavirus and 100+ other viruses on contact up to 90 days:

  • Library

  • Classrooms / Lecture Theaters

  • Student Hostels

  • Staff Quarters

  • Sports Facilities

  • Computer Barns

  • Catering Outlets

  • Faculty Offices

  • Administration Offices

  • Conference Lodge

  • Common Areas

  • Lifts / Escalators

  • Coaches

Once GERMAGIC antimicrobial coating has been applied in an area, people should not rub the coated surface with excess force, alcohol, or detergent.


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Contingency Measures Associated with Confirmed Cases and Close Contacts

In the unfortunate situation that a member of the university has contracted COVID-19, or becomes a close contact of a confirmed patient, or is requested by the Government to undergo COVID-19 testing (click this link Compulsory Testing for Certain Persons), the following contingency measures will be adopted:

  1. Colleagues sharing the same workplace of the confirmed case or close contact will work from home for 14 days, only essential services will be maintained. If essential services can only be provided by physical presence of staff members, they may be requested to have COVID-19 test through private labs, with the cost paid by the unit.
  2. Members who are asked by a medical doctor or required by the Government to take a COVID test should stay home until a negative test result is available (see test result from a laboratory recognised by the Government). They should continue to self-monitor their health conditions when returning to work (see the Points to Note Regarding Self-monitoring Period for Inbound Travellers for reference).
  3. Colleagues who have a household member undergoing COVID-19 test should work from home until a negative test result is confirmed.
  4. In view of these contingency measures, unit heads may need to consider separating members providing essential services into two teams that work at different areas where feasible.


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